I’m Stijn Bakker

I’m a business strategist

(as well as front-end developer, product designer, amateur photographer and spare-time philosopher)

I’m a business strategist and spare-time philosopher with a fascination for language, big ideas and technology.

As a business strategist it is my job to define the strategic goals and plans of organizations. Day-to-day though, I keep an eye on execution as well. I continuously switch between roles of marketeer, designer, business developer, manager and software engineer, to keep an eye on the big picture. I bring that helicopter view back down by crafting the narratives that get the right people to say “let’s do this”.

What I’m working on now

Currently I work part-time as a program manager and strategy advisor at TransIP, and part-time as a startup coach, executive advisor and private equity strategist.

At the moment I’m using my spare time to get to grips with NativeScript and VueJS. The weekends I spend with a camera in hand (check-out here), hanging out with friends and family, an occasional hike, reading or in a museum. In-between all of that, I like to write down thoughts and observations.

Interested in what I do?

Drop me a line at stijn@stijnbakker.com
or connect with me on LinkedIn