Hi, I'm Stijn Bakker

I'm a creative strategist

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I'm Stijn Bakker. I'm a Creative Strategist, with a background in design and engineering. I love working on short-term projects in tech and innovations. I'm at my best when I can continuously switch between the roles of designer, engineer, strategist and project manager. These are the four boxes that fit me best. Currently, I'm working as an Associate Consultant at KLM. My job is to support the partnership between KLM and the Boston Consulting Group. Taking a helicopter view of the organisation, I support strategic decision making, combined with storytelling to bring it back to earth. I craft the narratives that get the right people to say "aha", so that the project can move forward. PowerPoint-slides are just a byproduct.

Interested in what I do?Drop me a line at stijn.bakker@gmail.com,or connect with me on LinkedIn